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Programme features

This 5-day course will cover a wide range of established and emerging topics in cellular stress and ADP-ribosylation, from basic concepts, to recent breakthroughs, advanced techniques, and clinical implication.

Session topics include

  • NAD biosynthesis and signaling
  • Systems-wide ADP-ribosylome analyses
  • Protein homeostasis and proteostasis
  • Heat-shock stress responses
  • Chromatin and genotoxic stress responses
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic stress
  • ADP-ribosylation from virus to cancer

The programme provides participants with ample opportunities for presenting and discussing their own work: all poster sessions will be preceded by flash poster presentations, given by up to 70 participants, and several submitted abstracts will be selected for short talks.

Several “meet the speakers/experts” session will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions and establish new professional relationships.

The course includes a free half day or optional visit to Pompei or Ercolanum or Sorrento (not included in the registration).

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